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Polina Mikaelson

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Polina. 15. Russia.
Team Originals: Kol, Klaus & Rebekah.
Ship: Koltherine, Klaroline, Klatherine, Stebekah. Allisaac, Stalia.
Anti: Damon, Elena, Hayley, Bonnie.
Anti: Delena, Rebekol, Kennett, Klayley, Kolena.

I love Supernatural, AHS, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Marvel, Resident Evil and Underworld.

Music: Skillet, Papa Roach, Paramore, System Of A Down, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Nickelback, Muse, Hollywood Undead, 30 STM, Red, AC/DC, Green Day, Within Temptation

favourite character meme → 3 emotions
fear [1/3]

● Kol + Katherine | Waiting Game [FSOG!]

and i will never forget

you’re strong, a storm-braver if I ever saw one

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something always brings me back to you.

elenagibelrt: i love you, i love your blog, i love your everything <3

Awww *-* Thanks ^_^

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I stood my ground.nt